Wash, Dry &y Fold

In THE WASHPOINT laundries all include Soap, softener, active oxygen and decalcified water. It is forbidden to add any type of soap, bleach etc … in this way we get a professional wash the same in all laundries.

Step by Step

Step by step instructions on how to do laundry in THE WASHPOINT.





Selection of typical questions that we find in our stores.

I have to take soap?

To have an optimal washing we include soap, softener and active oxygen so that the client only has to bring the clothes.

How much drying time do I need?

It depends a lot on the fabric of clothing but between 20-30 ‘ should be enough.

Can I buy your products?

Due to the fact that many customers request the possibility of buying soap and softener, we offer it in 5kg bottles. For this you have to contact the owner of each store.

I can pay with credit card?

We are currently implementing the payment of credit card in stores to make it easier for our customers to pay. But it is not yet available in all stores.

Where do you have to buy the customer card?

You can purchase the customer card in the same payment center, with an initial cost of 20€ and then go recharging the money.
Cost of the card 2€.

What time do you have?

The opening hours to the public are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day of the year.