Corporate Social Responsability

At THE WASHPOINT. We are concerned about the future of the planet and we make our laundries more sustainable and respectful of the environment. We apply these principles of eco-sensitivity to all our laundries. For this reason, we have a company guide for Corporate Social Responsibility, which we apply to each act and decision.


THE WASHPOINT S.L.U. LAUNDROMAT, is a company committed to the environment for several reasons:

It represents an energy saving, it is an exercise in saving resources, a washer / dryer per home implies an energy cost of materials, water and electricity, in addition to losing space that must be allocated architecturally in homes.

THE WASHPOINT, additionally, it has been shown that doing laundry instead of at home improves the efficiency of the machines and allows washing only what is strictly necessary. With extensive hours, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is undoubtedly an excellent example of what smart cities should be like.

THE WASHPOINT, with its professional machines with 30-minute wash cycles, guarantee significant savings in water, as they have more capacity than domestic washing machines, whose much longer wash cycles do not mean obtaining better results.

THE WASHPOINT, In addition, we have an innovative vision of laundry that transcends the conventional. We strive to create A+ rated, energy efficient laundries, so we carefully vet machine certifications and optimize facilities for maximum efficiency.

THE WASHPOINT, In short, our company actively collaborates in the development of a more sustainable world. For this, we use only high-quality detergents that respect the environment, since they are biodegradable up to 99%. Likewise, softeners are also used that prevent the microencapsulation of the plastic container, and we only partner with renewable energy providers.

In addition, we have incorporated a plug-in hybrid vehicle to carry out the collection and delivery transport to our customers with 0 emissions. In the same way we do the last mile when allowed with VMP

“In conclusion, we invite you to come to our stores and check the results of our philosophy in your own clean, disinfected and scented laundry.”
Jess Latorre